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The guesthouse in the woods, created with our love and passion for nature and the acceptance of the perpetuity, it has inspired and guided us in our work.
We searched for a long time to find the right location that would blend in with Pian delle more, with a similar identity but also in answer of the needs and the preference of being in the vicinity of a small village, the warmth of the inhabitants and the simplicity of life and contact with nature.

We wanted to dedicate this house to the trees that surround it and inspired us. They are the real silent and constant companions, and accompany us sanctimoniously and benevolently during our activities.
The woods embrace the guesthouse and whole area around the hamlet of Sassetta, and the ancient trees hold the tranquillity of the location.

You will love to be able to forget all time with us, and rediscover the ancient bonding between nature and mankind. With this tour, we want to show and explain the works of artists and craftsmen, and their interpretation of nature which offers poetic and original stimulation. It is possible for our guests to purchase the hand made exhibits, a part of the proceeds will be donated to support and sponsor these and other cultural activities.
We also would like to make a small library composing of the publications, books and CDs relating to the trees.
At the moment we can offer the book “The Trees think of the Sea” written by a “friend of the earth” -Tiziano Fratus with information about the trees in and around Sassetta and in the Cornia Valley.

Consequently we thought the guesthouse is just the place to relax and refresh yourself, where you can feel welcomed and pampered, but also, at the time of leaving, still have the motivation for discovering our wonderful surroundings and the local culture….

The guesthouse is re-built on the ruins of a grand nineteenth century house built by an ancestor of the present owners, and given to the bride as a wedding present. Through the years the house had been abandoned as the family left to live in the city.
Thus, we were happy to take over the maintenance, make it once again welcoming and bring it back to life. We would like our guests to find happiness, wellbeing, a family atmosphere and sincere hospitality, therefore, we try to leave nothing to be desired and be cooperative and attentive.