26 Jul 2014
July 26, 2014

Activities: Horsemanship

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Having a “join-up” with the animals is a wonderful activity and the most emotional that one can have. We offer a programme that involves spending time with an animal, for “experts”, and also those who would like to get to know horses. At Podere Sant’Agnes that is situated only a few kilometres from here, the horse is the king and together with instructors one can go on a ride of different severity levels according to your capability along bridle paths, dirt tracks, fields, vineyards and woods; with the opportunity of taking a picnic in a rucksack, spending the night in a bivouac carried in a saddle bag, and eating in the evening under the clear starry skies.

In the green heart of the Etruscan coast there are about 170 km. of bridle paths, divided up in various sections according to ability and degree of autonomy. Each segment has a knowledgeable guide for advice an the necessities along that bridle path. Travelling along these dirt tracks involves your senses and is the synonym of “slow travel” that makes it possible to appreciate the ambience and the colours, the balmy air produced from resins exuded in the Mediterranean Macchia and the scent of the winds blowing in from the sea.
These horse tracks have a main bridle path, but one can go round in a complete circle, and the length can be varied, one requires less commitment just to discover areas of great beauty, even as far as to the coast and the beaches.

We can provide our guests with a tour guide of marked routes and prepare a packed lunch for an afternoon of complete immersion in nature.