26 Jul 2014
July 26, 2014

Activities: Trekking and walks

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For those passionate about the direct contact with the earth, we advise the routes and walks on the trails that relate the history of the woodsmen, the charcoal burners, millers and ancient pastors that have travelled through the Mediterranean Macchia and its changes over the centuries.
The Etruscan coast is characterised through its parks and nature reserves that are accessible all through the year. You can choose between trails for capable walkers that need a certain amount of attention and a minimum of map reading, or dirt tracks and paths that do not have particular technical difficulties that are, we assure you, suitable for the less energetic and groups of children.
We find ourselves on the edge of the Parco di Poggio Nero, a still intact Macchia (undergrowth) with Chestnut and Oaktrees; in the park one finds an interesting Woods Museum where there are exhibitions and an intricate description of the world of the charcoal burners. You can walk this route or go on a mountain bike.
Just a few kilometres from us you can walk as if suspended between the sky and the sea through the Macchia along the headland of Piombino. Here you can also choose from different types of paths, more or less challenging and depending on how much time you have and your own physical state. One of the most beautiful destinations along this walk is the Fairy Bay (Buche delle Fate), a magical name that it was given by the woodsmen and foresters that lived on this headland, with caves which testify Etruscan tombs dotted along the paths of this area.
We also recommend the adventure park Il Giardino Sospeso (the hanging gardens) near to Riparbella, immersed in the woods of 600 hectare, with many paths for children and adults, where it is possible to have orienteering and archery contests.
We can provide our guests with maps and guides of the walks with notes of interesting points and possibly we can organize treks accompanied by professional guides.