Il Cerro - The Mediterranean Oak

The Mediterranean Oak is a 50 sqm apartment on the ground floor with garden view. It has a spacious living room with kitchenette , a double sofa bed, dinning table, a spacious double bedroom with wardrobe, dresser and a bathroom with shower. It is for 2-4 people.

The kitchen comes fully equipped with everything you’ll need, including coffee machine for warm drinks too and an electric kettle.
The bathroom comes with automatic heated towel rails, hairdryer and free toiletries (Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel)
The apartment is equipped with Air Conditioning / Heating, satellite tv and free wifi as well as bed linen and towels

Cerro – Quercus Cerris – Fagaceae family Turkey oak

Turkey oak has a trunk with brownish-gray bark with deep reddish grooves. It tends to develop a crown up to a height of 30-35 m. The fruits are acorns of about 2.5 cm in length, well known for the "hood" that covers them partially; it has a sort of coarse curly down, light yellow in color, which also covers the buds, which allows them to be recognized in every season.

Being part of the 600 recognized species of the genus Quercus, mythologically it is a "cosmic" tree widely spread in the archaic world. These giants of the plant world have represented for many peoples the mythical icon of the axis of the world: their foliage reaches up to Heaven, home of the Gods, while the trunk is the emerged Earth, inhabited by the living; finally, the roots represent the ocean and what lies underneath.