Il Ciliegio - The Cherry tree

The Cherry tree is a studio flat of 25 sqm on the second floor, with view on the valley. It’s made up of a large room with kitchenette, double bed, dinning table , a two-seater sofa, a bathroom with shower . Ideal for a couple.

The kitchen comes fully equipped with everything you’ll need including coffee machine for warm drinks too and an electric kettle. The bathroom comes with automatic heated towel rails, hair dryer and free toiletries (Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel) The apartment is equipped with Air Conditioning / Heating, satellite tv and free wifi as well as bed linen and towels.

Ciliegio – Prunus avium – Rosaceae family Cherry tree

It is a deciduous tree that grows from 15 to 32 m in height. Lives about 100 years and Pliny the Elder distinguishes between Prunus, the tree, and Cerasus, the cherry tree. Pliny had already described a certain number of crops and some species mentioned, Aproniana, Lutatia, Caeciliana,….

In Greek mythology it was the plant sacred to Venus and its fruits seem to bring luck to lovers. Saxon legends tell that cherry trees are home to gods who protect the fields. Japan has made it the national symbol flower also providing an explanation for the pink color of its flowers: it seems that originally they were white but after the samurai who fell in battle were buried under the cherry trees the petals turned pink due to the blood valiant warriors.