Il Cipresso - The Cypress tree

The Cypress tree is a 50 sqm apartment on the first floor with garden view. It has a spacious living room with kitchenette , a double sofa bed, dinning table, a spacious double bedroom with wardrobe, dresser and a bathroom with shower. It is for 2-4 people.

The kitchen comes fully equipped with everything you’ll need, including coffee machine for warm drinks too and an electric kettle. The bathroom comes with automatic heated towel rails, hairdryer and free toiletries (Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel) The apartment is equipped with Air Conditioning / Heating, satellite tv and free wifi as well as bed linen and towels .

Cipresso – Cupressus L. – Cupressaceae family Cypress Tree

It is an evergreen tree with leaves reduced to scales, closely leaning against each other or spread apart at the apex, depending on the species. The fruits, called "galbuli" are woody, rounded cones, divided into a certain number of scales which separate when ripe.

Its slender shape forces us to look towards the sky and guides our spirit up. In Greek mythology it is said that Apollo the God of the sun fell in love with the beauty of the young Cyparissus, who had a tame deer as a companion. While one day he was practicing with the bow, Cyparissus mistakenly hit the deer and killed it. Such was his desperation that he in turn begged for death. Apollo moved by the pain of his beloved, transformed it into a tree to which he gave the name of cypress and which has since become the symbol of mourning and access to eternity.