La Sughera - The Cork Oak

The Cork Oak is a double room of 19sqm ideal for one or two people or for short stays. It is on the ground floor with view of the swimming pool and the valley. It includes a double bed, two cosy armchairs and a private bathroom.

The bathroom comes with automatic heated towel rails, hairdryer and free toiletries (Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel) The room comes with a coffee machine for hot drinks too, a small fridge, airconditioning/heating and free wifi.

Sughera – Quercus suber – Famiglia delle Fagacee

Evergreen species, spontaneous throughout the western basin of the Mediterranean Sea. The cork has an arboreal habit, with a height that can reach 20 meters and loose and expanded foliage. The average life is 250-300 years, it decreases in the specimens exploited for cork. The fruit is an oval acorn that is green when immature, brown when ripe, up to 3 cm long with a very short apex. The dome is more conical than that of the holm oak, covering the acorn for a length ranging from one third to half, with greenish-gray scales.

The acorn has been the nourishment of many peoples: in Europe sweets and bread were made in times of famine. Even today in Spain sweets are made with acorn flour. It is the tree par excellence for all peoples of antiquity. In Greece it represented the divinity on earth, as Zeus was the god of Olympus.