26 Jul 2014
July 26, 2014

Wine cellars

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How can we forget that Tuscany is the land of wines and oils, and the traditional eno-gastronomy with local products of undoubted quality.

Wine is the “prima donna” of the Maremma and we would like to make our guests aware of the aromas and flavours by offering degustation/sampling of wines and food tasting with guided tours to vineyards.
One of the areas better known is that which was created on the Tuscan coast in the 1970’s, and is now among the Olympus of the best wines in the world: Bolgheri DOC, in our neighbourhood. If you travel along the road “Bolgherese” you will see young vineyards and prestigious names in the area that have a great magical influence, pristine environments, mild climate, warm hearted people, those are just a few of the details that accompany visitors when discovering the culinary delights of the area.

And it is with pleasure that we have started a collaboration with some wine cellars and their expert members of staff who will accompany visitors to take them on a real “voyage” into the wine world. Wandering through the culture and history of wine, which takes about an hour and a half through the vine yards, the cellars, the historical exhibitions and the degustation.

In the DOC area of Val di Cornia (Cornia Valley) the wines produced are combined under the name of a subzone “Suvereto”. In the cradle of the Etruscan civilization and in a soil that it the geological continuation of the Island of Elba, the wines produced are of particularly good quality and character.

We also collaborate with the firm Agricola Petra, that offers a degustation plus a visit to the wine cellars and vine yard – very interesting. Oliviero Toscani’s photographic exhibition is the last item and relates the philosophy of the creation of Slow Food; a moment of taste and culture, binomial- synonymus, and now enthusiastically welcomed by travellers searching for discoveries and curiosities.